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Has Virtualization Really Stalled?

Has virtualization truly stalled? It’s an interesting question. What got me thinking about this topic was this InfoWorld article. Quoting from the article:

One big reason: Server virtualization has stalled. Research shops and vendors have published numbers indicating that although most enterprises have stuck their toe into the waters of virtualization, they’ve hardly plunged in.

If virtualization has truly stalled, my question is this: why? What are the reasons, misperceptions, or other drivers that are causing organizations not to adopt virtualization more broadly? Do customers think that virtualization—and here I’m thinking specifically of VMware vSphere, as the market leader—can’t perform well enough for mission critical workloads? That it isn’t reliable enough?

I have my own opinions, but I’m really interested in hearing from the community. Please share your constructive thoughts in the comments below. As always, please be sure to disclose affiliation where necessary. Thanks!

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