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Upcoming Podcasts

I’ve been invited to participate in a couple of upcoming podcasts and thought I’d post something here in case you are interested in listening in.

First up is the Packet Pushers Podcast, hosted by Greg Ferro, Ethan Banks, and Dan Hughes. Joining me is Ivan Pepelnjak of Cisco IOS Hints and Tricks. We’ll be discussing areas of intersection between networking and virtualization and the resulting concerns. It should be a great podcast—I’m both excited and a bit apprehensive. After all, it’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to “talk shop” with a group of very talented and very accomplished professionals. I hope I can hold my own!

The second podcast is Coffee With Thomas, hosted by Thomas Jones. I have a feeling this podcast won’t be quite so intense, since Thomas’ podcasts are intended to be casual and conversational. Still, Thomas has some pretty pointed questions he’s planning on asking, so we’ll see!

If you get the opportunity to download and listen to either of these podcasts after they’ve been published (it will be a few weeks yet), I and the podcast producers would certainly appreciate your support.

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