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EMC Unified Storage Plugin Version 2 Now Available

On October 15, EMC quietly released version 2.0 of the EMC Unified Storage Plug-in for VMware. This new plug-in replaces both the earlier EMC Celerra and EMC CLARiiON plugins and the provides the functionality of both. This means that the new EMC Unified Storage Plug-in now supports both NFS provisioning but also block provisioning on EMC Unified storage arrays.

More details about the plug-in, including a link to download the plug-in, are available at this URL (login required) on PowerLink. You can also manually navigate to Home > Support > Software Downloads and Licensing > Downloads A-B > Adapters for Third-Party Applications.

Here are a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Unified plug-in:

Q: When and where will the updated plug-in be available?

A: Plug-in release 2.0 was posted on Powerlink on October 15 at this location.

Q: Does this Release 2.0 of the EMC Unified Storage plug-in support CLARiiON Block Provisioning?

A: Yes, it does support CLARiiON Block Provisioning. This is in addition to the NFS provisioning it already supported.

Q: Do I need to upgrade Celerra Network Server (aka DART) software or FLARE software?

A: No. The minimum versions of DART and FLARE have not changed. Refer to the release notes for additional information.

Q: What about documentation?

A: Updated release notes and Read-Me document are included in the ZIP file.

Q: What happens to the EMC CLARiiON and Celerra Plug-in for VMware?

A: The EMC Unified Storage Plug-in for VMware v2.0 replaces the EMC CLARiiON and Celerra Plug-in. In fact, after October 15, 2010, one can only download the EMC Unified Storage Plug-in from Powerlink.

Q: What about support for EMC Celerra and CLARiiON Plug-in for VMware?

A: There will be no change in support for the Celerra Plug-in for VMware. However, there will be no support for the EMC CLARiiON Plug-in for VMware.

Q: Does Release 2.0 support Celerra Network Server version 6.0 & FLARE 4.30 (Zeus)?

A: Yes.

Q: What about ESX Server, vCenter, vSphere client revisions supported by this plug-in?

A: ESX Server 3.5 or above, vCenter Server 4.0 or above & vSphere Client 4.0 or above revisions will be supported by the Unified Storage Plug-in.

The EMC Unified Storage plug-in is free, like all other vCenter plugins provided by EMC. So, go download it and enjoy!

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