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A Collection of vCloud Director Links

Since VMworld 2010, I’ve been collecting vCloud Director-related links—and there have been a bunch of them! I’m sure that the short collection I have here are only a subset of all the great material that’s been published on this new product. In any case, here’s my collection of vCloud Director links:

VMware: Uptime (Business Continuity) Blog: Backing up, and restoring, VMware vCloud Director provisioned virtual machines

VMware vCloud Director Evaluator’s Guide

VMware KB: Creating network pools in VMware vCloud Director

VMware KB: Installing VMware vCloud Director software on the first server

Video Guide: Taking VMware vCloud Director for a spinand on the GO!

Diagram: The VMware vCloud Director Cell Architecture

Diagram: VMware vCloud Director Networking Architecture

vCD Networking part 2 Network Pools

Error during creation of NAT Routed network via VMware vCloud Director (vCD)

Creating a vCD Lab on your Mac/Laptop

VMware vCloud Director Building Block (Resource Group) design

How To: Configure vCD public console proxy address

vCD Allocation Models

Provider vDC: cluster or resource pool?

RE: Migrating your VMs from vSphere to vCloud Director and vice versa

vCD - Networking part 3 - Use case

vCD - Networking part 1 - Intro

Creating a VMware vCloud Director Cluster

vCloud Director Architecture

vCloud Director Networking for Dummies

Automating vCloud Director and Oracle DB Installation

If anyone else has any links I should add to this list, let me know. Thanks!

UPDATE: I’ve added several new links from the comments. Thanks—keep the additional links coming!

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