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Some UCS Links

Nothing too terribly new or innovative here; I just had some Cisco UCS-related links I wanted to share with everyone. I hope that you find something useful here.

Cisco UCS Server Pools: Use Cases

Placement of mezzanine adapters in full width blades

Chassis Discovery Policies in UCS

Cisco UCS Server Pools: Configuration

Why Cisco UCS is my ‘A-Game’ Server Architecture

Verifying FEX Uplink Pinning in Cisco UCS

Cisco UCS Pools In Depth

Myths and Restrictions of the Cisco UCS

Correction to L2 Forwarding Rules post

UCSM 1.3(1c) Released!

Cisco UCS Enhancements in Firmware 1.3

Cisco Unified Computing System: Power and Physical Requirements

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