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More VPLEX Linkage

I’ll have my own write-up on VPLEX soon—I’m taking the time to prepare a thoughtful response rather than just repeating the same things that have been said elsewhere—but until then here are some of the things that are being said elsewhere (note that I’ve included negative coverage as well, to show that I welcome all viewpoints):

Your Virtual Machine Teleporter is ready Are you?

EMC creates VMware-inspired storage system

VPLEX’ing their way to Distributed Data Centers, How EMC stole the show (Part 1-Hardware)

VPLEX undressed

Enterprise Computing: VPLEX - A Dreary Storage Cluster?

Hyper-V + VPLEX = Goodness!

Implementing EMC VPLEX and Microsoft Hyper-V and SQL Server with Enhanced Failover Clustering Support

VPLEX - The buzz from EMC World

VPLEX: Redefining the Boundaries of the Data Center

This is VPLEX

vMotion over Distance support with EMC VPLEX Metro

As I prepare my own full-length post on VPLEX, feel free to post a comment letting me know what you’d most like to know about VPLEX. I’ll do what I can to help you get the information you need!

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