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VMware vSphere Pro Video Training

In case you’ve haven’t already heard, David Davis and the good folks over at Train Signal recently released an advanced VMware vSphere training course called “VMware vSphere Pro Series Training, Vol 1”. You can get more information about this new course from Train Signal’s web site.

The new video course features not only David Davis, but also well-known virtualization figures Hal Rottenberg and Rick Scherer. David Davis takes viewers of the training course through a section on VMware View, VMware’s product for virtual desktops, and ThinApp, VMware’s application virtualization solution. Hal provides coverage of PowerCLI (is anyone surprised?), and Rick discusses the Cisco Nexus 1000V. All in all, the new video course is almost 11 hours in length.

Train Signal also includes multiple digital formats as well to make it easier for busy administrators to be able to view or listen to the content.

I do have to say that I haven’t yet had the opportunity to actually view any of these videos. However, I do know both David Davis and Rick Scherer personally (sorry Hal, I haven’t met you personally yet). I’m confident that this is a good quality product. If you’re a VMware vSphere administrator looking to expand his or her knowledge of VMware View, ThinApp, PowerCLI, and/or the Nexus 1000V, this new training course is an excellent place to start.

Disclaimer: Train Signal is a paid sponsor of this site.

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