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Staying in Touch with Me

With the job change, some of my contact information is also changing. Naturally, my e-mail address will go away, but also going away (effective immediately) are my three ePlus-related instant messaging accounts:

MSN Messenger (
Yahoo Messenger (eplusslowe)
AOL Instant Messenger (eplusslowe)

If you are using my ePlus e-mail address or any of these instant messaging accounts to stay in touch with me, you’ll need to update your contact information. I don’t have my official EMC e-mail address yet, but my personal e-mail address is available on the About page of this site. I also have Google Talk, AIM, and MSN Messenger accounts that use my personal e-mail address as the user ID; you can use these as a replacement for the ePlus-related instant messaging accounts. I won’t be creating a new Yahoo Messenger account.

If you have my Google Voice number, you can continue using that number to reach me via telephone or SMS. Otherwise, all my old phone numbers will go away. And no, I’m not going to post my Google Voice number out here for anyone to use. Those of you that need it should already have it.

My Twitter ID (scott_lowe) and my blog URL will remain unchanged. I will continue to actively use both to share useful technical information.

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