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My Number One Yojimbo Complaint

After a couple of weeks using Yojimbo from Bare Bones Software, I’m really liking the application. I’m finding it useful and helpful to have an “anything bucket” into which I can toss bits and tidbits of information on an as-needed basis. It’s become incredibly useful for quickly throwing in a URL from Camino or NetNewsWire that I can come back and review later.

However, I do have one major complaint with Yojimbo: it doesn’t honor default applications. I don’t use Preview for PDF files; I use Skim. I don’t use TextEdit for text files; I use TextMate. When I double-click a PDF file in the Finder, Skim opens. When I double-click a text file in the Finder, TextMate opens. Yet, I can’t open PDFs or text notes in Yojimbo in those applications. Instead, Yojimbo forces me to use Preview and TextEdit. C’mon, Bare Bones! Can’t you just add a feature that tells Yojimbo to honor the default apps?

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