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VMworld Day 0 Wrap-Up and Links

Today was a crazy day. I started the day with the second day of the Partner Technical Advisory Board (PTAB) meeting.

Of course, VMware released a bevy of press releases this morning, and being stuck in the PTAB meeting I haven’t really even had the chance to digest the news announcements. The announcements included:

Next-Generation VMware Partner Network Helps Partners Increase Virtualization Expertise to Expand Business Opportunities

VMware Ushers in a New Era of IT Management to Drive Business Agility with VMware vCenter Product Family

VMware Introduces VMware GoA New Service that Will Make Virtualization Even Easier for First Time Users

VMware Signs Agreement with Intel to Expand Reach of VMware vSphere 4 to SMB Customers

Broad Virtualization Ecosystem Rallies Behind VMware vCenter Product Family to Deliver Integrated Solutions for Simplified Datacenter Management

VMware Continues Its Reign as the Lowest Cost Per Application Leader with VMware vSphere 4"

That wrapped up about lunchtime, so I joined Crystal and Kathleen Troyer (John Troyer’s wife) for lunch at Amber, an Indian restaurant just behind the San Francisco Marriott. (Turns out Duncan Epping was eating lunch there, too.) After lunch was complete, the afternoon flew by; Crystal and I barely had time to squeeze in dinner at John’s Grill before heading over to the reception event.

The reception was good; I worked the vExpert booth with a number of fellow vExperts around, like Jason Boche, Rich Brambley, Eric Siebert, Steve Beaver, and a couple others. There wasn’t as much traffic to the booth as I had hoped there would be, but that’s OK.

When the reception ended, Crystal and I headed over to the Clift Hotel for an event in the Spanish Suite with EMC, VMware, and Cisco. I chatted with some Cisco and EMC folks (not so many VMware folks), and ran into Duncan (yet again). That was a great event but horribly crowded, so we left around 10 and headed back to our hotel.

Of course, the biggest news of the day was that my book, Mastering VMware vSphere 4, is sold out at the conference bookstore (or very nearly sold out). Unfortunately, there won’t be any way to get more before the conference ends. Sorry, guys, but take consolation in the fact that is still carrying the book in stock.

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Tomorrow starts bright and early with a vendor meeting, and then we’ll quickly move into the Day 1 keynote, sessions, more vendor meetings, and more notes from the exhibit show floor. Stay tuned here for updates throughout the day tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!

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