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UCS Training This Week

I’ll be in San Jose, CA, all week for hands-on Cisco Unified Computing System training at the old Nuova Systems location. UCS has seen a great deal of attention, but the chance this week to actually get my hands on the UCS equipment will afford me the ability to form a more concrete opinion on the product, its strengths, and its weaknesses (yes, every product has weaknesses).

Now that first customer ship (FCS) for UCS has occurred—it happened last week, if I recall correctly—I’m hoping that the majority of the material being presented in the training class is material that I’ll be able to share both here on the blog and via Twitter. I don’t know exactly how much I’ll be allowed to share, but be assured I’ll share as much as possible. All the posts will be tagged “UCS” to make it a bit easier to find them.

If anyone has any specific pieces of information they’d like me to find out about UCS, post a comment here and I’ll try to get an answer this week. Please don’t ask about pricing or discounts or the like; try to keep the questions technical in nature. Thanks!

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