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vWire Launched

Tripwire is launching vWire, a new virtualization management tool that is designed to integrate both monitoring and automation to prevent and resolve problems before they cause downtime.

vWire is built around three key principles: Monitor, Correlate, Act:

  • vWire will monitor the health of the virtual infrastructure, including the same level of visibility available in the physical environment.

  • vWire will correlate change and configuration data with event data and, in a later release, performance data.

  • Finally, vWire gives administrators the ability to act upon events and objects with automation tools like PowerShell.

vWire integrates into the Virtual Infrastructure Client (and the vSphere Client, I would guess) for ease of use.

In addition, Tripwire is also launching the vWire Community, where vWire users can share information, tools, and resources.

More information about vWire is available from the vWire web site, the vWire product page on, and the vWire Community.

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