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App Store for the Enterprise?

This is interesting: IT Structures announced today that they were selected by VMware to work together to provide the App on Demand feature for virtual appliances, part of the Virtual Appliance Marketplace. The full press release is here.

I’ve never heard the Virtual Appliance Marketplace described this way, but the e-mail I received from IT Structures (which I’m sure quite a few people received as well) described it as “the iPhone App Store for the enterprise”. I suppose that is a valid comparison, but it certainly doesn’t do anything for the growing image that the Virtual Appliance Marketplace is not the place to go for enterprise-class virtual machines. Most people seem to see the Virtual Appliance Marketplace as the place to go for home-grown, hobbyist solutions, but not for enterprise-ready virtual appliances that even the largest companies could trust. In my mind, comparing the Virtual Appliance Marketplace to the iPhone App Store doesn’t do anything for its enterprise image.

Perhaps the rise of the Virtual Appliance Marketplace does signal “an important shift in how enterprise applications will be evaluated and sold,” but is this the right shift?

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