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Attending the Next-Generation VMware Launch Event

UPDATE: Due to circumstances outside my control, I will not be attending the launch event. I’m very disappointed, but there was no other alternative. Hopefully Rick’s coverage will be sufficient.

Thanks to a good friend, I am happy to report that I will be attending the next-generation VMware launch event at VMware Headquarters in Palo Alto, CA on April 21. Look for full coverage here on my site. I’ll also try to provide real-time status updates on Twitter, where possible. I’m open to suggestions as to what medium would best suit everyone—more updates on Twitter with a full blog post afterward, or a constantly updated blog post? Let me know what you think.

Rick Scherer of will also be on-hand, and he’s hoping to be able to provide video coverage of the event as well.

This should be an exciting product launch, and I’m really looking forward to being present and providing up-to-date coverage. Don’t miss out!

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