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Hyper9 Goes GA

OK, so I’m a bit slow with this one. (Sorry, folks—writing a book, preparing a presentation for Virtualization Congress, preparing a presentation for the local VMware Users’ Group here in the Raleigh-Durham area, preparing several presentations for my employer’s national sales meeting, and working my full-time day job has me just a bit busy.)

In any case, the search-based administration tool that David Marshall and crew have been laboring away on building has finally made it to general availability. Hyper9’s search-based interface makes it easy for VMware administrators to quickly and easily “slice and dice” their infrastructure to find the information they need. Think of it as data mining for your VMware Infrastructure.

For more information or a free trial, visit the Hyper9 web site. The full announcement is available here on the Hyper9 Community site. (By the way, kudos to fellow blogger Rich Brambley for getting a mention in the official announcement. Way to go, Rich!)

Additionally, Hyper9 is releasing the H9Labs Search Plugin for VI Client, a plug-in developed by Andrew Kutz. Andrew, as you’ll recall, was an early innovator in creating third-party plug-ins for the VI Client. The H9Labs Search Plug-in is available free of charge from the Hyper9 online store.

Congratulations to David, Andrew, and the rest of their team on finally reaching this milestone. Good work!

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