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Cisco UCS Announcements

I’ve been seeing lots of announcements regarding Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) across the Internet. Here are just a few:

Cisco unveils its virtualization-friendly blade platform Unified Computing System

Cisco and VMware teaming up: Unified Computing System

Cisco Announces Unified Computing System

Cisco Brothers/Sisters congratulations!

Cisco: Unified Computing is an ‘Inflection Point’

Cisco’s Unified Computing System - A Whole New Ballgame

Cisco Enters the Virtual Server Hardware Market - Gestalt IT

I’ve been under strict NDA, as have many others, regarding what was formerly called “Project California,” since early December. Even though the NDA is now lifted and I could speak about UCS in more detail, I’m going to reserve the bulk of my comments after the conclusion of Cisco’s live webcast at 10:30AM Pacific Time (1:30PM Eastern Time).

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