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I'm Confused

I’m confused. I know, that’s not a terribly difficult thing to do some days. I saw this article on the Windows Server Division weblog about the Release Candidate of SP2 for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista and I asked myself, “Did I miss SP1 for Windows Server 2008? I don’t recall hearing about the release of SP1. I guess I should go download it.”

So I did a little bit of digging and found this article—now over a year old, so you can see clearly that I haven’t been paying attention—that states that Microsoft tagged the RTM (Release to Manufacturing) build of Windows Server 2008 as SP1. So, there won’t be an SP1 for Windows Server 2008, and instead Microsoft will jump directly to SP2.

Here’s the great part. Check out this quote from that same ZDnet article:

“(I)n retrospect I should just say its called (Windows Server 2008 SP1) so you don’t have to wait for SP1 for it to be right like people have before.”

Huh? Microsoft is now tagging RTM builds as SP1, and then telling customers that just because it’s marked SP1 it’s ready? What’s next? Are we going to start tagging beta builds as GA code? Good Lord, people…can we get back to some sort of product naming convention that makes sense and that we’re willing to actually follow?

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