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VMM Beta 1.5 is Here

Quickly following the initial beta release of Virtualization Manager Mobile (VMM), Schley Andrew Kutz has now released beta 1.5 of VMM. The updated beta, available via the relaunched site, boasts several new features:

  • In addition to support for VMware Infrastructure 3 and VMware Server 2, VMM now supports Citrix XenServer 5.

  • VMM will now “gracefully degrade” on mobile devices that don’t have a fully AJAX-capable browser. This new Lite Mode extends VMM’s mobile support to include devices like a Blackberry or Windows Mobile phone.

  • Beta 1.5 adds a new feature called Accidental Touch Detection (ATD). ATD prevents users from accidentally powering off a VM by requiring an intentional touch, measured by a depression of at least 500 milliseconds. This feature will only be available in full mode, not the new Lite Mode.

The software will be free while it’s in beta, but licenses will be required upon release. Active beta participants will receive licenses in exchange for their participation. To find out more, or to see a more full list of features, visit the VMM site.

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