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Virtualization Congress 2009 Sessions

I hadn’t really planned on identifying which of the Virtualization Congress 2009 session proposals were mine. I had originally thought I’d just let the proposals ride on the strength (or weakness) of the proposed content—along the same lines as Alessandro’s thoughts when he left the speaker names out of the session proposal list—but since it appears that numerous other potential speakers are plugging their sessions I’d better follow suit! After all, it’s only a level playing field when everyone is following the same set of rules.

So, here are my proposed sessions for Virtualization Congress 2009 in Las Vegas:

VMware ESX Networking Scenarios: Even after extensive coverage across the Internet, there are still a lot of details about VMware ESX networking that users just don’t understand. This is especially true for new/relatively new adopters of VMware’s technology. The idea behind this session is to provide these users with an in-depth review of various VMware ESX networking scenarios and the pros and cons of each configuration.

Real-World Considerations with Integrating Advanced Storage Array Functionality in Virtualized Environments: Yes, I know the title is a mouthful. This session takes a closer look at advanced storage array functionality like space-efficient clones, replication, snapshots, and the like to try to understand what considerations—if any—there are when using these features in virtualized environments. Being able to take a snapshot is great, but what if the snapshot is corrupt? It won’t do you much good, will it?

So, if either of these sessions looks interesting to you or you think it would be useful to conference attendees, I’d appreciate your support by voting for them. Thanks!

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