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Changing vNIC Port Group Assignment in VMware with PowerShell

Experienced PowerShell users won’t find this post very helpful, but less experienced PowerShell users—or even PowerShell newbies such as me—may find this handy. Today I had a need to change the port group assignment on the vNICs for a bunch of guest VMs in the lab. Rather than manually click through all these VMs just to change the port group, I decided to give PowerShell a try.

Thanks to this post by Cody Bunch and this Twitter response by Hal Rottenberg, I cobbled together this PowerShell command:

get-datacenter "Name" | get-vm | get-networkadapter | where-object { $_.networkname -like "OldPortGroup" } | set-networkadapter -networkname "NewPortGroup" -Confirm:$false

It worked like a champ! Obviously, you could limit the scope of this command by filtering the VMs that are returned with a wildcard pattern on the Get-VM command.

Thanks to Cody and Hal for their assistance!

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