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One of the "Top Virtualization Blogs" of 2008

2008 was a great year for this site. Late this year, I broke over 3,000 RSS subscribers, and the site averages 5,500 to 6,000 page visits every day. Except for November, the site racked up over a million hits every month in 2008, totaling almost 15 million hits for the entire year. Wow! Thanks so much to everyone who reads, subscribes, visits, or otherwise supports my site.

To further cement the success the site has seen, today listed this site as one of the top virtualization blogs of 2008. I’m honored that Alessandro Perilli, the primary author at, would include me in this list with recognized industry experts such as Massimo Re Ferr, Chad Sakac, and Christofer Hoff. Thanks, Alessandro!

You know, though, even more important than the subscription numbers or the industry accolades is the fact that I’m able to help people. A friend of mine who is an SE for VMware—he also runs his own site here–posted an entry on Twitter yesterday that really brought it home. People out there are finding the information on my site to be useful and it’s helping them solve their problems. To me, that is a greater measure of success than any other metric.

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