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VMware SRM 1.0 Update 1 Released

Many thanks to Dave Lawrence, aka VMguy, for the heads-up: Update 1 for VMware Site Recovery Manager 1.0 has been released. Missing in this update: NFS support. I mention that only because I heard numerous references to NFS Support in SRM 1.0U1 at NetApp Insight a few weeks ago. Of course, they also mentioned a March 2009 timeframe, so I was a bit surprised when I saw that Update 1 had been released.

However, there are plenty of other goodies besides NFS support available in Update 1 of SRM 1.0:

  • SRM has separated the permission to test a recovery plan and to actually run a recovery plan. This allows more junior admins to test the plan, but reserve actually running the plan for a more senior admin, for example.

  • RDM support, which enables failover for MSCS clusters

  • Batch IP property customization

And more, but for the all the details, see Dave’s post or the Release Notes!

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