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FalconStor Introduces a NAS Interface

FalconStor today announced a new file-interface deduplication system and enhancements to its Virtual Tape Library (VTL) software. FalconStor’s VTL product is resold by a number of other vendors, including EMC, Pillar, and SUN.

The new functionality being announced by FalconStor today is actually two-fold:

  1. First, FalconStor will now offer NFS and CIFS access to the deduplication repository through its file interface deduplication system (FIDS), enabling NAS-based disk-to-disk (D2D) backup solutions to integrate seamlessly with the FalconStor data repository. D2D backup solutions that are designed to write to NFS or CIFS can now dump backup data to a FalconStor appliance and take advantage of the deduplication functionality.

  2. Second, version 5.1 of the FalconStor VTL software adds support for 8Gb Fibre Channel and 10Gb Ethernet, enabling faster backups via these high-speed technologies. For backup solutions that utilize a “traditional” VTL, FalconStor can now offer higher throughput in those environments.

Overall, FalconStor’s system continues to retain or enhance features like many-to-one data replication, global deduplication across multiple appliances, and availability as a virtual appliance.

More information should be available on FalconStor’s web site, although at the time of publication of this article their site had not yet been updated.

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