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NetApp Insight Session Briefs Coming

On November 10 through November 13, NetApp held their annual technical conference—formerly known as Fall Classic, this year renamed to Insight—for SEs and partner SEs in Los Angeles. I had the opportunity to attend the conference by virtue of the fact that I was also presenting (look for session 3173; that’s me!). Normally the information shared at this conference is covered by non-disclosure agreement (NDA), but I’ve been given special dispensation to discuss the sessions I attended and the information shared in those sessions.

So, over the next few days, look for blog posts about some of the sessions that I attended during NetApp Insight. They all be tagged Insight2008, in case you would like to browse them that way.

Note that a fair number of these sessions discuss timelines or targeted feature sets for future products. None of the information I post here should be taken as any sort of commitment from NetApp as to when a product will be delivered or what features it will contain. Just like any other company, things still in development may change before they are released. (No, NetApp did not ask me to say that—in fact, they are not reviewing this content at all. I’m just trying to help good sense prevail.)

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