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OmniGraffle and OmniFocus Updates

Two of my most-used applications have been updated to new versions. OmniGraffle is now updated to version 5.1, and OmniFocus is now updated to version 1.5. (Funny, I just noticed how the versions numbers are reversed–5.1 and 1.5.)

The OmniGraffle update brings one feature that I have especially been anticipating: the ability to import Windows Metafile images in Visio diagrams. This extremely useful feature, first hinted at here back in March, will tremendously ease Visio compatibility and should open up lots of Visio shapes to be used in OmniGraffle that previously were not usable. I tested this functionality this morning on a complex NetApp-VMware-IBM BladeCenter diagram from a co-worker, and it works as advertised. Future tests will see how well this functionality works in bringing Visio stencils into OmniGraffle. This is a free upgrade for current OmniGraffle 5.0 customers.

The OmniFocus update brings this GTD application’s official 1.5 release, and with it synchronization with OmniFocus for iPhone. Now that both the Mac and iPhone versions support Bonjour sync—although this is not without its own travails—I find myself using them more and more. If you’ve been following the pre-release versions of OmniFocus (the so-called “sneaky peeks”) then you won’t find many new features in this official release, but users who have been waiting for the official release to upgrade are in for a real treat. As with OmniGraffle, this OmniFocus upgrade is a free upgrade for existing OmniFocus 1.x customers.

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