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Kodiak Continues to Develop

The enterprising developers at Bluebear are continuing to develop Kodiak, the cross-platform virtualization management tool built using Adobe AIR. Yesterday morning they sent me a “special pre-release” version of Kodiak 0.0.2, assuring me that I was the first to have it. I feel special!

Unfortunately, I was at church all day yesterday and on-site with a customer all day today, so I haven’t even had the chance to have a look at the new build. However, some other bloggers have had the opportunity:

Part 2: Bluebear’s Kodiak, what’s all the fuss about…

Kodiak 0.0.2 has been released!

The new version sounds promising. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to have a look at it very soon. I don’t have any beta invites—at least, I don’t think I do—so don’t bother asking. Sorry.

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