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More VMworld 2008 Day 2 Coverage

As I fully expected, another day at VMworld 2008 has passed and I seriously, seriously was not able to keep up with everything. I even blew off a session this afternoon that I really wanted to attend as well. Somebody, please—can you give me good session notes on TA2275, VMware Infrastructure Virtual Networking Future Directions? I’d be very grateful!

In any case, here’s a round-up of more coverage of VMworld 2008 from various places around the Internet:

Brian Madden

New VMware CEO makes the desktop a core focus for the company, with SIX desktop announcements at VMworld

Alessandro Perilli

Live from VMworld 2008: Day 2 - VMware Keynote

Rich Brambley

VMworld 2008 General Session Day 2

Linux Strategy and Roadmap #TA3201

Matthias Mller-Prove

Sun Ray Connector for VMware VDM certified

Colin McNamara

Altor Virtual Network Security Analyzer (VNSA) integrated with Cisco’s Nexus 1000v for VMware

Rick Blythe

VMware Fault Tolerance

Bob Plankers

VMworld 2008 Day 2 General Session

VMworld 2008 - Wednesday general session

VMworld 2008 - Tech preview: vCenter Orchestrator

VMworld 2008 - VMware CTO Dr. Stephen Herrod Keynote liveblog

Bill Petro

VMworld 2008: Day 2 Review - Virtually Anything is Possible

I guess that should about do it for today. Go have a look at some of these other articles; they captured information that I missed, and many of them have photos and shots of the keynote or other information. Enjoy!

Signing off for today…

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