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Windows Server 2008 Power Savings Whitepaper

I got notice of this whitepaper back during Tech-Ed but it’s been sitting in my “blog posts to write when I get time” pile until now. Microsoft has posted a whitepaper (download it here) as well as a blog entry (viewable here) regarding Windows Server 2008’s new power saving functionality.

While some of the functionality is genuinely new and useful—like the monitoring of CPU utilization and throttling of CPU speed accordingly—some of the stuff in the blog entry, at least, isn’t. Including Hyper-V virtualization as a “power saving feature” of Windows Server 2008 is a bit disingenuous, since any server virtualization solution will provide power savings simply from the simple fact of consolidating multiple workloads onto a single server.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Windows Server 2008 attempts to reduce power usage, have a look at these resources.

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