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No, Not That Scott Lowe

I suppose it was bound to happen at some point.

I’ve been confused for the other Scott Lowe. Yes, that’s right; there’s more than one.

The other Scott Lowe writes for, and currently works for either Elmira College or Westminster College; I’m not sure which. (I’ve seen both; I think it’s Westminster.) He’s published a couple of books, including one on Exchange Server 2007 that was published by Microsoft Press, and owns the domain.

Normally, being mistaken for the other Scott Lowe wouldn’t be a problem; he seems like a smart, well-respected, knowledgeable guy. In this case, though, it was some business contacts at NetApp that picked up this article in which Scott Lowe purchased an EMC storage array. Clearly you can see where that would cause some confusion.

So, just to set the record straight: I didn’t purchase an EMC storage array. Nor did I purchase a Dell M1000e blade chassis. I also don’t know anything about open source IP telephony. Sorry. Not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with any of these products; it just wasn’t me. I do have a copy of the aforementioned Exchange Server 2007 book; but it’s not my name on the front cover, unfortunately.

I hope this helps to clear things up. However, if you’ve accidentally mistaken me for him, and you’d rather read his stuff, this search should help you out.

Now, back to looking at my Toshiba CIX1200 phone system. Oh, wait—that wasn’t me, either…

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