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Brief Leostream Update

My offhand comment about Leostream dropping their P>V product in Virtualization Short Take #8 got the attention of Leostream themselves, who provided this information as an update on the company’s motivations behind the drop of new licenses for P>V:

Hi Scott, quick update on Leostream. We posted a response to Alessandro’s blog post on Monday. The decision to “remove” P2V, in reality, is based on a decision we have taken to support fully our Connection Broker product (formerly the Virtual Machine Controller). There has been such great interest in the Leostream Connection Broker that it made sense to commit fully to its development. We currently have more than 100 Connection Broker customers, some of which include Avaya, Bell Canada, Commerzbank, and the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We were, until recently, customer-funded and as a result, have a highly motivated team. Our decision to raise Series A funding was taken purposely to build out marketing, sales and support to meet this growing demand in the marketplace. We are 100% committed to Connection Broker. As for P2V: while we will not be selling new licenses, we stand behind P2V and will continue to provide support for existing P2V customers.

I’ve stated before that I like the Leostream Connection Broker, so I’m glad to hear about Leostream’s decision to put all their resources into the development of the broker.

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