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An Answer to Prayer

So, I finally have an update to my previous need for prayer.

First, I’d like to thank everyone for their support. Your prayers, kind thoughts, and encouraging words from all over the world have been invaluable. I can’t thank everyone enough. I had so many people e-mail me to tell me that they were thinking of me, wishing me well, or lifting my family in prayer. Again, thank you.

The situation was basically this: my second-oldest son, now 15, decided he wanted to cook up a plot with his mother—my ex-wife—and run away to her house. So, last Thursday, the day before I posted my request for prayer, she picked him up from school and took him away to her house. She refused to return him, even to the police, despite the fact that our court papers clearly gave me custody. She then didn’t take him to school on Friday or today (Monday). Keep in mind that most schools are in the midst of conducting end-of-grade (EOG) testing, including my son’s school.

<aside>It turns out that in North Carolina, where I live, unless your court papers specifically give the police the ability to enforce the court order, it can’t actually be enforced. The best you can hope for is filing for the court to find the other party in contempt. Isn’t the legal system grand?</aside>

Needless to say, I wanted to be sure he got back into school. After numerous attempts with the legal system on Friday, I was no better off. An emergency motion had been denied, and it appeared there was nothing I could do. This is where I was when I posted my article, “Need Prayer.”

After praying and working on the matter this weekend, today I finally got the court to grant me an emergency custody order that empowered law enforcement officials to get my son back. Hallelujah! Upon tracking down my ex-wife and my son and getting the law enforcement officials to actually show up, I got back my son tonight. I can have him back in school tomorrow for his EOG testing! Thank the Lord!

I wish I could say that I was glad that’s behind me, but I can’t. First, I’m not glad; I wish it hadn’t happened at all. Second, I don’t know that it’s completely behind me; I suspect that my ex-wife will be filing all sorts of nasty court documents in the next few days in an effort to retaliate.

Actually, that first statement’s not entirely true. I am a bit glad this happened. Through this test, as with so many other tests in a Christian’s life, I’ve learned new things about God and about serving God. I’ve learned new things about faith, and my ability to believe. So in that respect I’m thankful to have been given the opportunity. (I still wish God would use easier ways to get this information to us!)

Once again, thanks to everyone for everything! I appreciate it all. God bless!

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