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Switching to the Mac

No, this posting isn’t about me; I switched to the Mac years ago. Instead, this posting is about a story that I’d seen quite a while ago, but just hadn’t gotten around to discussing here on the blog.

Quite some time ago, Computerworld ran some articles about an enterprise company that was switching entirely to Macs. The articles are here:

Mac Attack! An enterprise PC shop switches to Apple

Mac switch revisited: An enterprise PC shop’s move to Apple isn’t as easy as expected

It’s an interesting pair of articles that help to highlight the attention that Apple and Mac OS X are getting these days. In this particular case, I found this statement particularly compelling:

Frantz says AWC had calculated “significant savings” associated with migrating to Apple software during the proof-of-concept testing last summer. “We knew we would have sufficient ROI for the change based on some broad generalizations, and the savings were enough to green-light the project,” he says.

Everyone likes to talk about how expensive Macs are, and yet here is a company that has found “significant savings” upon switching to Apple hardware running Mac OS X. Interesting.

To be fair, the company in the article—AWC—isn’t going completely Mac; they are keeping SQL Server on Windows and a few other applications as well. That’s fine; I’ve long advocated to use the best tool for the job. If SQL Server is the best tool for the job for them, then they should use it. I’m just glad to see that companies are increasingly recognizing that Windows on the desktop isn’t always the best tool for the job anymore.

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