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To My Wife: Thank You

Today is my ninth wedding anniversary. Let me tell you, I have a great wife. How many of you guys out there can say that your wife hates shopping and loves football? I can! I won’t say my wife is perfect, because she’s not—neither am I, of course, we’re all human—but I will say that she’s perfect for me.

So, to my wife on our anniversary:

Honey, the last nine years have been great. Sure, we’ve had our ups and our downs. We’ve experienced happiness and joy that we could not contain—the birth of Cameron, or Summer’s wedding, for example. We’ve also suffered heartbreak and sadness; I won’t go into any details because there’s no need—we remember. We’ve faced challenges that we never dreamed we’d face. Together, we’ve made life-changing decisions. And every step of the way, you’ve been there to support me and to support our family. Your loyalty and your dedication have been steadfast and complete. Your love and your compassion have been unwavering. You have strengthened me when my faith was weak, and you have allowed me to minister to you when yours was weak.

As a token of appreciation for your love, your loyalty, and your support, I want to publicly tell you: Thank You. Thank you for being who you are, and thank you for sharing these last nine years with me. Thank you for your tireless efforts on my behalf and on the behalf of our children, even when they don’t recognize or don’t want your support (we do have teenagers, after all). Thank you for being a godly woman. Thank you for loving God and, most especially, for loving me. After the last nine years, I can’t wait for the next ninety years, or however long God blesses me to be with you.

Happy anniversary, sweetheart!

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