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Virtualization Short Take #6

This one is a short one, since I’m out of town on business and don’t have a great deal of time. Nevertheless, I wanted to post my thoughts on a couple of items that have passed in front of me over the last few days.

  • Andrew Kutz has released the VI Toolkit for .NET. Quoting from the e-mail he sent me, the VI Toolkit for .NET “makes connecting to VI, finding a VM, and getting its properties a snap!”. If you’re a developer that is interested in developing tools and/or scripts for the VI environment, this seems like it would be a tool that would be useful.

  • VKernel let me know that they’ve joined the VMware Certified Virtual Appliance program with their Chargeback Virtual Appliance.

  • Rich over at VM /ETC has published some information on using the VI Client to upgrade VMware Tools. The particularly helpful portion of this article is the information on using the CLI from the VirtualCenter server to upgrade VMware Tools.

  • Duncan shares some information from one of his readers about a bug in the VMware Tools for Solaris 10. This particular issue can prevent VCB from working properly. Fortunately, Duncan also shares a workaround.

  • Via Alessandro, it looks like Microsoft is upping the heat on VMware with the release of a beta of SCVMM 2008. One of the most intriguing features to be included in the next version is management from SCVMM of VMware ESX Server. When you’re a company like Microsoft, you can afford to wage a battle on two fronts—in this case, on both the hypervisor front and the hypervisor management front.

  • Again via Duncan, it looks like there’s an error with ESX 3.5 Update 1 with the Pegasus installation. I ran into this error myself when installing Update 1 right after it was released, but then marked it up as a symptom of the whole snafu with the wrong version of the ISO being posted. Looks like it was more than that.

  • Rich has some good information on ESX-VirtualCenter compatibility. (Yes, I do read more blogs than just Rich’s and Duncan’s. Honest!)

  • OK, this may not be necessarily virtualization related, but a pretty good storage-related blog, which does address some VMware-specific issues, has sprouted up here.

  • has published an interesting article by David Davis about using ESX to help with an Exchange migration or Exchange upgrade.

  • If you have any questions about networking performance on ESX, just check out this document, last revised close to the end of February of this year.

Well, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading!

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