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AD Integration Tip: Dealing With More Than 1,000 Users

Reader Scott Merrill pointed out something to me in an e-mail regarding a Registry change that might be necessary in some Active Directory integration scenarios:

Finally, I would like to share one registry change that we’ve found to be necessary in our AD integration. By default, the MS LDAP server only returns 1,000 results. As a university department with more than 1000 active students, this limitation has caused us some frustration.

This KB article shows how to increase the number of results returned in a query:

We recently set MaxPageSize to 5,000. I don’t know if this will introduce additional problems down the road, but at least it lets me fully enumerate all our AD users from a Linux machine with getent passwd.

If you have an Active Directory domain with more than 1,000 users in the DN specified in your LDAP configuration, then this is a Registry change you’ll want to investigate. Otherwise, you could find that your UNIX/Linux servers aren’t able to fully enumerate all the users in the domain.

Thanks, Scott!

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