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NetApp OmniGraffle Stencils

If I had one complaint about being a Mac OS X user, it would be that there is no Visio equivalent on the Mac. Yes, OmniGraffle is an awesome program; this is especially true for version 5, which can open native Visio drawing (VSD) and shape (VSS) files. That one new feature was, to me, worth the upgrade price.

<aside>Note to OmniGroup developers: It would be really, really, REALLY helpful to do something with the Windows Metafile images that Visio uses instead of just replacing them with a gray rectangle. Do you have something up your sleeve to help with that? Perhaps a trick of which I am not aware?</aside>

OK, so I suppose a more accurate complaint is about a lack of shapes for OmniGraffle more so than anything else. Fortunately, I came across this link last night. Now, my need for high-quality NetApp shapes for OmniGraffle diagrams has been almost entirely satisfied. To the person that created these shapes and posted them, you have my sincere thanks!

Anyone else have any little gems like this they’d like to share with other readers?

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