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Yet another VI plugin from Andrew Kutz has been released. This time the plugin is Invoke, which is designed to allow third-party applications to be invoked (hence the name) from within the VI Client while leveraging the VI Client’s existing authentication.

Quoting from plugin’s web site:

Invoke allows third-party applications, such as Perl scripts, Java applications, or other .NET programs, to be launched directly from within the VI 2.5 client using the currently authenticated session cookie. Aside from our original SVMotion plugin, Invoke is the most important piece of software designed to extend the VI client to arrive on the scene to date. Invoke is by its existence proof that a simple idea can be incredibly powerful in implementation.

Invoke opens the door to allow VI Client users to create unique and personalized solutions by coupling scripts with the VI Client. This is particularly interested when combined with the VI PowerShell stuff that’s being worked on at VMware; Invoke would allow custom PowerShell scripts to be easily launched from within the VI Client. Useful stuff!

In addition, the guide to developing VI plugins has also been updated.

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