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Filling the Gap With a Trigger

In part 2 of my informal discussion about getting things done with my Mac, I mentioned that I needed a way to invoke an AppleScript from within NetNewsWire. I was already using Mail Act-On and an AppleScript to easily move information from into OmniFocus, and had a similar AppleScript for NNW but no easy way to invoke it.

It wasn’t until late last night that I realized I already had a solution for the problem I’d been describing. I’d been searching for some way to quickly and easily invoke an AppleScript from within NetNewsWire—why not just use a Quicksilver Trigger?

I already use Quicksilver for tons of other things: accessing my Camino bookmarks (would love to be able to get to my Camino history…hint, hint); launching applications; getting information on a contact in the Address Book; even launching other scripts for various tasks. Why not leverage Quicksilver for this as well?

Just a few minutes later—the process only took a few minutes in the Quicksilver Preferences pane to configure the trigger—and I was quickly and easily moving information from NetNewsWire to OmniFocus.

Thank goodness for Quicksilver!

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