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Graphical Front-End for Storage VMotion

My dislike for the Remote CLI is fairly well-known. Unfortunately, using the Remote CLI is the only way to perform a Storage VMotion. Storage VMotion is, of course, the new feature in ESX Server 3.5 that allows for a running VM’s virtual disk files to be relocated from one datastore to a second datastore without any service interruption. A very handy feature, indeed, but hobbled—in my opinion—by its dependence upon the Remote CLI.

However, an enterprising developer has written a graphical front-end for the operation. Numerous sites have discussed it; for example, see Eric Sloof’s post or Anders’ post (and the referenced VMware Communities thread). I’m sure there have been numerous other sites as well.

Now, if a single developer could write a GUI for Storage VMotion, why didn’t VMware take care of this themselves?

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