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Momentum Building Around Xen

Momentum seems to be building around the Xen-based virtualization offerings from Citrix, as more ISVs announce support for Citrix XenServer or Citrix XenDesktop. The latest announcements include:

SteelEye Announces Support for Citrix XenServer

Catbird Announces V-Security Beta for Citrix XenServer

Reflex Security Announces Reflex VSA Support for Citrix XenServer

VMLogix Introduces First Virtual Lab Automation Solution for Citrix XenServer

(Thanks to David Marshall of for the announcements.)

Citrix is also seeking to capitalize on the “Xen” name by renaming Presentation Server to XenApp. Some have speculated that this means the product will be reshaped around and built on top of the Xen hypervisor. Whether this is true or not is yet to be determined.

These recent announcements join the Microsoft announcement that Hyper-V will be able to use Citrix XenDesktop as a VDI broker and that SCVMM will be able to manage XenServer.

Taken together, these announcements show that the Citrix Xen-based offerings are gearing up for a serious offensive against the incumbent VMware in the virtualization space. Of course, VMware isn’t standing still; VDM—Virtual Desktop Manager—has been officially released and a beta of VMware Stage Manager is also available. (Thanks to Mike Laverick and Martin MacLeod for the links.)

Interesting times are definitely ahead.

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