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VMware Fusion Update Released

As I’m sure most of you have already seen elsewhere, VMware has released version 1.1.1 of VMware Fusion, their desktop virtualization solution for Mac OS X. I’ve already downloaded and installed the update, which is free for registered owners.

I won’t rehash all the feature lists and new features and such, as I’m sure that plenty of other sites have already reported that in excruciating detail.

I’ve not had the opportunity to really put it through its paces—that will happen tomorrow at the office—but I am happy to report that suspending and resuming virtual machines is much, much faster with this new release. Since that’s primarily how I work, this improvement in speed is a real benefit to me. For others, who don’t use the suspend/resume functionality as much, it may not be as beneficial.

You can download the Fusion update from VMware’s web site.

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