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VMware Fusion Update Released

Today VMware released version 1.1 of VMware Fusion, their desktop virtualization product for Intel-based Macs. I’ve been using Fusion since the very earliest days and have been really pleased with the product, so I had no hesitation in upgrading to the latest release. Although there’s nothing terribly revolutionary here, what I’ve seen so far shows me that it is a solid update to an already solid product. Sure, they’ve extended some of the DirectX support, and added a UI feature here or there, but these are evolutionary changes as the product matures. If you’re running Fusion and haven’t yet upgraded, I recommend doing so. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to update the VMware Tools, which generally means a reboot of your virtual machine.

Now, what would be exciting to see from the Fusion team would be more feature parity with Workstation 6.0. Namely, a UI for advanced networking configurations, linked clones, multiple snapshots, etc. In particular, the multiple snapshot feature would be very useful, and is pretty much in-line with the product’s consumer-oriented focus. How about it, Regis and team?

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