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Apparently, I'm Ahead Too

I used to read Tom Yager’s “Ahead of the Curve” column when InfoWorld was still a print publication. Every month, without fail, as soon as the magazine arrived I turned right to his column. It was one of my primary reasons for reading the magazine, at least in recent years. I think it’s probably safe to say that Yager’s affection for Mac OS X led me to perform an evaluation of my own and, eventually, to switch to Mac OS X myself based on the results of that personal evaluation.

But then the magazine turned digital/online only, and I stopped following his column. I already had enough stuff coming in to my various digital inboxes, and didn’t really need another. Part of the allure of the column had been precisely that it wasn’t digital.

Fast forward to just the other day, when I stumble across his column once more and find that I, too, am “ahead of the curve.” In his recent article The next best thing to OS X, Yager claims that Sun Solaris 10 is a great fit for places where Mac OS X isn’t.

Given that I have embarked upon a plan to learn Solaris, it’s kind of nice to see an “industry analyst” say that you’re making the right move and that you, too, are ahead of the curve.

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