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Searching Microsoft Support via Quicksilver

The web searches plug-in for Quicksilver allows you to perform searches against a number of Internet sites (such as Google, Yahoo!, Apple Support, Wikipedia, and others), all from within the comfortable confines of the Quicksilver interface.

Like Quicksilver itself, I didn’t understand the power of this plug-in at first; it took some time (and some tweaks) before I really got to the point of using it on a regular basis. In the process of trying to understand this plug-in and how it worked, I had to go in a tweak the name of the web searches, so that they made more sense to me. For example, instead of “Google Search”, I changed it to “Search Google”. Then, I can just type “sego” (For “Search Google”), tab twice, and type in my search query.

Having now gotten used to how it worked, and how it’s configured within Quicksilver, I offer to you the URL for performing a web search against the Microsoft Support site from within Quicksilver:


I have this called “Search Microsoft Support”, and it will take the text you supply and perform a search against the Microsoft Support site, including the Knowledge Base. I know it seems odd to be writing about using a Macintosh application to search the Microsoft Knowledge Base, but I’ve found it useful. Perhaps others will as well.

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