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Various VMware Links

I think I’ve mentioned before that I use NetNewsWire for subscribing to various RSS and Atom feeds for various topics. Of course, given my interest in virtualization, VMware and VMware-related tags are things that are included in my feed list, and quite often I come across a link from a tag search or subscription that I find interesting. It may not justify a dedicated blog post about that particular item, though, because it may not be anything about which I can contribute useful information. After all, there’s enough useless junk floating around the Internet as it is; why should I contribute to the problem?

Likewise, I typically won’t post a link to my bookmarks unless it’s something that I know I’ll need to reference again, and these tidbits of information sometimes aren’t useful reference articles. So, instead of blogging about these or just posting them to, I thought I’d post the links here. It seems like a reasonable compromise between the two, if you ask me.

There you go. Enjoy!

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