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Comments Available Again

Due to a massive spam flood amounting to practically a Denial of Service (DoS) attack, all commenting functionality on the site was temporarily disabled for a couple of days. As of Saturday, 12/16/06, commenting/trackback functionality has been restored.

I’ve had literally thousands upon thousands of comment spam requests in the last couple of days, knocking the site offline several times and forcing Akismet to work three times as hard trying to keep the spam out. This is now the third or fourth time the site has come under extreme pressure from comment spam bots in the last two weeks, and each time it seems to get a bit worse.

Until I can figure out a way to help keep this comment spam flood from repeatedly taking the site offline, I had to disable all comment functionality on the site. I apologize to my legitimate readers who wanted to leave valid comments. Hopefully the changes that I’ve made will help prevent this problem from recurring in the future.

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