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Solaris 10 x86 on Mac OS X

I haven’t had the chance to finish installing Solaris 10 yet, as I ran out of time trying to copy down the ISO images before I left to go to Atlanta for some Network Appliance training. (By the way, have I mentioned how cool NetApp’s stuff is? No? It is.)

After first running into the problem with the Solaris 10 VM, I inquired with other private beta testers and later filed a bug report. Another user suggested I check this KB article; I tried adding the monitor_control.disable_longmode parameter to the VMX file and….it worked! Where Solaris had previously attempted to load a 64-bit kernel (and caused a host kernel panic) it now loaded a 32-bit kernel and everything seemed to work just fine.

I hope to finish the Solaris installation within the next couple of days and continue on with some additional testing.

UPDATE: I finished the Solaris installation earlier today and it runs just fine. I haven’t installed the VMware Tools for Solaris yet, but based on my work with Solaris on ESX Server I don’t expect any problems there.

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