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I suppose it could have been worse; I could have gotten in a car accident, been injured, or any number of things. So, it’s important to keep that in perspective.

Still, it was a really bad day. First, I overslept this morning because I turned the alarm off after my wife left for work (she had an early shift today), so that put the whole morning into a tailspin as I tried to recover. Once at work, I had so much catching up to do after spending last week in Los Angeles at VMworld 2006. Then, I found out that two of my virtual servers in the VMware farm were corrupted because we had a power surge while I was out last week; that meant I had to rebuild two servers (a remote desktop-type server and a mail server). Fun.

I run home from work only to have to turn right around and go to a PTSA executive board meeting. However, the night doesn’t end there; it would appear that during the meeting, a pipe burst under the house and nobody noticed until a couple hours later when I got home. By that point, almost the entire crawl space was flooded under a couple inches of water. Oh, joy. Hence the title of this post—soaked.

As a result I get to spend the rest of the evening with a Shop Vac sucking water up and pumping it outside. Tomorrow I get the unique pleasure of attempting to fix the problem that caused all this grief.

Needless to say I’m tired, I’m hungry, and I’m frustrated. Time to go to bed and take care of the tired part, at least.

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