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VMworld 2006 Day 1, Part 1

Diane Greene got up and spoke first during the general session again this morning, going over more of the same information as was discussed yesterday during her presentation. It’s good material, yes, but nothing new or original, so that wasn’t terribly interesting or helpful to me. More interesting to me were the two panel discussions that took place, one on virtual appliances and one on the industry perspective on virtualization.

Of particular interest was the industry perspective panel discussion, which featured Marc Andreessen (of Netscape fame; now running Opsware), Andy Bechtolsheim (a cofounder of Sun Microsystems and now back at Sun again), and David Cheriton (a cofounder of Granite Systems, later acquired by Cisco Systems, and now from Stanford University). They had a spirited and enjoyable discussion over a range of topics around virtualization. In particular, David Cheriton’s rant regarding software quality was entertaining and yet very accurate. Why do we settle for software that “usually works most of the time”? An excellent question, if you ask me, and not one that can be easily answered.

I’ll post more later after I wrap up Day 1 of VMworld 2006.

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