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First Post from new MacBook Pro

I’m extremely pleased with the new MacBook Pro so far. No heat issues (runs cool, even under load), the machine runs very fast, and the keyboard feels great (believe it or not, I was actually worried about this one–I’m a stickler for a keyboard since I do so much typing).

I opted for the 15.4” 2.33GHz model that comes standard with 2GB of RAM. Given that I will be using the beta VMware Fusion product on this laptop (that’s VMware’s new desktop virtualization product for Intel-based Macs), I really need the extra RAM, and the fact that I’m getting it in this new revision of the MBP for no additional cost is just that much sweeter.

A lot of the apps I use are already Universal–like Adium, Camino, Cyberduck, NetNewsWire, OmniOutliner Professional, and Cocoalicious. I’m still stuck with a non-Universal Microsoft Office, but I’m not too terribly concerned about that. I’ll most likely upgrade to the Universal (or Intel-specific) build of NeoOffice at some point (unless the as-yet-unreleased Office 2007 for the Mac just absolutely rocks).

I had a few problems getting information off the old PowerBook; primarily, all my MailTags metadata disappeared when I copied over the mailboxes to the new MBP. That really stunk! I’m still searching for some way to regain that metadata. Other than that, most of the data was very easy to move across. I had no problems getting my NetNewsWire database and subscriptions across; likewise, it was very easy to move across my iCal calendars and Address Book contacts. More difficult than anything, really, was remembering all the little things I’d done here and there to tweak the system just the way I’d wanted it. I’ll be finding little things here and there for the next few weeks.

During this whole switchover, I’ve also decided to switch my daily use account to a non-administrative account. This is a “best practice” from a security perspective, but it does cause some headaches nevertheless. I can’t use sudo, for example, to perform various tasks I’m used to being able to perform (like modifying the routing table). I’ll get used to it in time.

As I continue to use the new laptop, I’ll post more information here. Next week I’ll be in Los Angeles at VMworld 2006, so posts may be sparse until I return. When I do return, I’ll try to post some information about the conference.

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